Caring for your Fairy Garden is very similar to caring for your outdoor garden, but on a much smaller scale. The fairies like it this way as it leaves more time for mischief!

During warmer times of the year, your Fairy Garden may be placed outside. Fairies love fresh air, but these dainty creatures do not care for cold, so be sure to watch the weather and move your garden inside if frost or freezing temperatures are predicted.  During cooler times, your Fairy Garden will make a lovely house planter. Plus, fairies tend to make perfect houseguests since they are seldom seen and very quiet!

Use a watering can with a breaker to gently water your tiny plants and fertilize your Fairy Flowers® with a standard liquid fertilizer once a month.

As your plants grow, you may want to trim them. If so, just remember not to cut more than half of each Fairy Flower® back at one time.