Celebrate with Fairy Bunting

We all enjoy celebrating events with parties, fairies are no different. Decorating for a party adds to the magical ambiance of an event. If you have any scrap fabric or paper laying around, you can whip up some fairy bunting for your fairies in only a few minutes. Here’s how.
Fairy Bunting 2 (1)
Gather supplies:

  • fabric scraps or paper scraps
  • glue or sewing machine
  • thin string

Fairy Bunting 1 (1)
Cut fabric or paper into tiny triangles, these measured about one inch on the tall sides and 3/4 inch across the top. If you are going to be sewing these onto the string, simple lay the string across the top of the triangle, inset by about 1/8 inch. Flip fabric over the top and sew down. You can do the same with glue if you don’t have a sewing machine. If you’re using paper you do the very same thing. In only a few minutes your fairy bunting will be finished and ready to string up across your fairy garden for a party!
Fairy Bunting

What holidays do you think fairies like to celebrate most?

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