The Wall is Silent

Fairies have been mentioned in literature and poetry for years. We love to collect these quotes and pair them with wonderful images. Feel free to download these, use them on your desktop, print them out, pin them, or post them on your facebook page!
Fairy Quotes 2
The wall is silence, the grass is sleep, tall trees of peas their vigil keep, and the fairy of dreams with moth wings furled plays soft on her flute to the drowsy world

2 Responses to “The Wall is Silent”

  1. Susan Killion

    I am the owner if Garden of Our Dreams and am looking for your Fairy Lights wholesale. Help!

    • admin

      Hi Susan,

      We’d be happy to work with you to get Fairy Lights to your store. Please contact us at 970.701.1127 or and we’ll send you details.


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