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Fairy Garden Workshops

We have been seeing a lot of greenhouses have been having Fairy Gardening workshops. Most recently, we shared the one held at Buchwalter Greenhouse on our Facebook page. We are glad we did, because several of you attended. Buchwalter was kind enough to let us share a few of the gardens made this past Saturday.… read more

Found Items for Your Fairy Garden

Fairies, gnomes and other magical garden creatures love sparkle and shine, but they also love earthy things as well.  Fairy gardening is all about capturing the magic of nature and what a better way to instill that in the next generation than a scavenger hunt for fairy garden items.  Earlier this morning we went on… read more

Adding Warmth to Your Fairy Garden

When the nights start getting cool there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting around the warm glow of a campfire. Toasting marshmallows and making smores adds to the fun. Just because they live outside and are used to the cold winters, doesn’t mean the fairies don’t appreciate a little warmth as well. Consider adding a small… read more