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Fairy Garden Workshops

We have been seeing a lot of greenhouses have been having Fairy Gardening workshops. Most recently, we shared the one held at Buchwalter Greenhouse on our Facebook page. We are glad we did, because several of you attended. Buchwalter was kind enough to let us share a few of the gardens made this past Saturday.… read more

What’s In Your Kit?

We get asked often what’s included in the Fairy Gardening® kit, so here it is: The kit comes with: The square container with lid that doubles as a saucer The Soil to fill your container An arbor bench The Path – paving pebbles for your garden A wheelbarrow A birdbath The Sparle There are also… read more

Garden Party

We promised on our facebook page earlier this week to start unveiling some of our new products here on The Scoop.  Today you’ll get to see one of our exciting new sets. Drum roll please…….. The Fairy Gardening® Garden Party Kit, complete with: arbor, bench, fire ring, pebbles, and a tiny pot of the sparkle… read more

Fairy Quotes

Fairies have been mentioned in literature and poetry for years. We love to collect these quotes and pair them with wonderful images. Feel free to download these, use them on your desktop, print them out, pin them, or post them on your facebook page!… read more